Collaborations & Interviews

I have been really honored to share about my experiences and have them published on several websites. It is so flattering to have my writing shared and it feels even more amazing when I see my own life experiences resonate with others. Please email me for writing articles, interviews, and guest blogging opportunities.

*Body Positive Yoga

My best friend Amber runs a very well known yoga website and asked me to share my story for her readers. It was a honor to do so and was part of why I began to blog.

*The Mighty

The Mighty is a fantastic website that focuses on physical and mental illness. I have written a few pieces for them.

*Suffering the Silence

Suffering the Silence is all about invisible illnesses and helping people understand that “looking sick” can look so many different ways. I was very interested in writing for them as the one of the founders has struggled with Chronic Lyme and even written a book about her experiences. You can find my story here.

*Do The Hot Pants

Do the Hot Pants is an amazing site about body positivity, eating disorders, and feminism. I am honored to have MY Body Story on there.

*My Body Does:

I was asked in Feb 2017 if I would do an interview about health and identity along with whether our views around health are only binary. You can find my interview here.

I have also had the honor of being interviewed twice on the Kelly & Company show!