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bodypositiveyoga– my best friend/boss amber is an amazing yoga teacher and body positivity activist. On her blog she shares about how any and all bodies can do yoga as well as great interviews with others in the body positive/health at every size community.

the invisible warrior– my good friend kelly has a great blog all about her journey with CRPS. she’s a great writer and i am so glad she is finally sharing her story with all of us. definitely check out her mindful mondays, its a GREAT resource!

my aim is true-my best friend amber’s other blog. she doesn’t post often right now but her blogs are fun and meaningful.

nephesh wellness– my friend rachel is a health coach, yoga teacher, and a lovely writer.

buddha cat– tiffany is a newer friend (another yoga teacher! i know quite a few) and i really love her writings.

/other lovely blogs/

the feeding of the fox– imogen is someone i met on instagram and was immediately blown AWAY by her candor, intelligence, and ability to articulate the complexities about disability, identity, body positivity, and eating disorders. she has become one of my favorite people online and her blog is fantastic.

hope hippie– hope is an INCREDIBLE human who happens to be married to another incredible human steve. they have been valiantly fighting ALS for the past 5 years. hope is such a beautiful writer and just all around stellar human, she inspires me more than i can begin to explain.

annabelle fern praznik– annabelle is one of my most favorite instagrammers and her blog, pictures, and poetry are absolutely magical.

motherhood rising– this blog is the kind of blog i yearn for, well written and beautiful photos with raw honest writing.

this charming life-i’ve been a fan of kaelah for several years. her blog focuses on family, owning a small business, and being crafty.

kristin hedges– beautiful blog filled with photos and well written stories about being a new mama. i get REALLY excited when she posts.

aura joon-aura no longer posts but if you have a free moment and want to immerse yourself in beautiful words and imagery, go visit her blog. her words have been stealing my heart for over a decade.


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  1. Dear Judy,I bought your Yoga book 療癒瑜伽解剖書Judy’s Yoga Therapy’. I like it due to the thtpureaeic approach.I been learning Yoga from gym since 2005. Basically gym teaches various of Yoga style.I think of getting Yoga Teacher Certification but not sure which style to follow.Do your teaching similar to Iyengar Yoga, if I’m not mistaken it is also therapy Yoga.If I want to learn the style from you Yoga Centre in Taiwan, do you have any affiliated Yoga centre in Malaysia that provide such teacher’s training/certification? Please advise.Regards,Hong Yaw

  2. Thank you for including my blog in your list. It’s awesome to know that I’m helping others. And, it’s great to meet you and check out your blog as well.

    1. If you have a wordpress account I believe you can get my blogs by email. I don’t yet have an email subscription system set up. You can also follow the ship with no sails fb page, I post every new blog on there as soon as its up. You can also follow me on! Thanks for reading!

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