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Hey hey hey Im Genevieve!

Welcome to my blog Ship With No Sails.

Here at my blog I write about both struggling and succeeding with chronic illness and pain. I share about the long process of learning to love my body after battling with anorexia nervosa on and off for two decades. I talk about the long process of coming to terms with being in a wheelchair after being a runner. It’s not all doom and gloom though! I also write about fun stuff like makeup, skincare, and finding the perfect 5$ lipstick.

This blog is about finding your path when the road is rocky and you have lost your map.

A little about me:

I am a 33 year old somewhat tattooed and extremely freckled gal living in central Virginia with my husband and two crazy pups.

I love reading, knitting, body positivity, writing, yoga, drag queens, photography, poetry and intersectional feminism. I own too many cardigans and too many books. I delight in all salty crunchy carbs and will never turn down an iced coffee on a hot day.


For over 5 years I have been dealing with several debilitating chronic illnesses

The one I share the most about is…

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my left foot, leg,arm, hand, and right pinky toe. It is the reason I am in a wheelchair (since I know people usually wonder why). CRPS is a neurological condition that creates severe chronic pain, you can read more here.

You can read more about my journey with my health here.


On to the good stuff:

I have been with my lovely husband Sean since October 2010 and married since July 7, 2012. I couldn’t ask for a kinder more thoughtful partner. Isn’t he a cutie?!

My very favorite face. Over 4 years together and he still makes my heart flipflopflopflip.
my wonderful and handsome husband.
our engagement shoot. photo by Purple Fern Photography (2011)
photo by Doug Stanford • Moving + Still Images (2015)

We are the lucky owners of two zany dogs.

Roxy is a miniature dachshund who has the ability to be super lazy or super sassy depending on her mood. Pip is a chocolate lab/ great dane mix meaning he is super big and super silly.

Together they are a funny looking pair and make our lives really wonderful.




I have a bachelors in psychology with a minor in gender studies from George Mason University but I have been a master esthetician and makeup artist since 2008.

photo by R. Gonzalez Photography (2012)

I was even lucky enough to own my own business for a few years before having to close it due to health issues. I am very grateful to love what I do and hope to do it once again when I am feeling better.

photo by Aaron Riddle Photography (2014)

Making people feel good about themselves is my passion.


The name of my blog comes from the song Slow Pony Home  by The Weepies who are my favorite band.

“setting free the anchor and looking past the shore
it’s a sea of horses on ships with no sails, no motors, no oars”

photo by Stephen Carroll Photo Fiction (2012)

So welcome to my blog and my life! 

I hope you will stick around for awhile. 


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15 thoughts on “about me

  1. Fabulous! I’ll tell your cousin Chris about this lovely blog you shall accomplish great things with. I have sjogren’s and fibro w/ other lovelies. Somedays the pain is off the charts. I totally despise how I can’t do what I used to be able to. Love the pics too. Keep writing!

    1. Thank you for commenting and checking my blog out! So sorry to hear that you deal with chronic illness too. Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. Hi,
    I just wanted to let you know I had stumbled across your blog completely unknowingly and than my computer crashed. I had no way of finding your blog as I had just stumbled across it. Well lo and behold, two weeks ago I was on Instagram on lunas page and was commenting on a picture when all of a sudden I saw your face… I thought that it couldn’t be possible! So I checked it out and it was you! I absolutely love your blog! Your story is so inspiring and it simply cannot be chance the way I’ve come across you twice! I look forward to all your future stories and entries, you have a follower in me 🙂

  3. Having just checked out your blog, I can promise you the admiration is mutual. Your blog is utterly fab – looking forward to following you! (PS – I have tat envy too.) x

  4. You are such a beautiful and magnificent soul Genevieve. You have been the biggest inspiration in my life ever since I found this blog and I can’t thank you enough. Whenever the pain and isolation of illness get me down, I come to your blog, and reading your story and your fight shows me that I’m not alone. You are a true hero in every way, and your inner light will illuminate the world. You have already brought so much light into my life, and it is an honor to follow your journey. Thank for sharing your voice <3

  5. Hello Genevieve, Your blog is refreshingly inspirational, positive as well as easy to read eloquently beautiful! Only just come across it thanks to my fellow chronic pain musketeer/group leader ScorpioJ who posted a link to your brilliant blog article “What If I Can’t Go Back…..”- and whilst looking around your blog thanks to her share found another blog article adored so shared two links to the first one and the one on how to be grateful when life sucks over on Fibromyalgia & Me SG where am also a group leader. Just hope as many people from MDJunction.com where ScorpioJ and myself have shared your links to your blog articles will read your dynamic snippets, truly! My username on MDJunction is Clarita- have a bat avatar as am a British batgirl(hold on tightly plus find ways to soar no matter what).
    My motto is H.O.P.E- Hold On Pain Eases(eventually) ;-)!

    Take super good care of You, keep writing your inspirational blog, and may much good karma, healing light and random acts of kindness come your way, Namaste, Clara 🙂 (fellow chronic pain warrior with a dolphin smile- fibromyalgia, cfs, osteo arthritis, celiac, raynauds, chronic migraineur, & costochondritis challenged) 🙂

  6. I think its a very worthy thing to try. I may try it again when I am farther along with my CIRS treatment. It DEFINITEY helped my all over Bartonella nerve pain that I was really struggling with but unfortnately it didnt help my CRPS and some of my other health issues. I honestly wouldnt judge IVIG on my experience simply because my health situation includes some things your son doesn’t have going on. If you have questions Im glad to answer them, just unsure what you mean by more insight?

  7. I’m curious, Have you tried reducing your linoleic acid and arachidonic acid intake? Have you tried increasing your saturated fat intake? If not, I have a suggestion. Google – Anna Haug arachidonic acid, Annadie Krygsman arachidonic acid, and Olaf Adam arachidonic acid.

    For many years my intake of linoleic acid and arachidonic acid was excessive. I endured months of pain from a skin ulcer and years of pain from varicose veins. I’m now 72 and healthier than I was 25 years ago. These three scientists furnish information that may be helpful in terms of making the sort of dietary adjustments that alleviate pain.

    You discussed CBD treatment for CRPS. Google – arachidonic acid CRPS and linoleic acid CRPS.

    I find it both peculiar and disturbing that most scientists who experiment with CBD and omega-3 supplementation don’t think to dial back on arachidonic acid and linoleic intake. Olaf Adam is the only researcher I know of who has experimented with reduced omega-6 intake in conjunction with omega-3 supplementation. Hope you find my suggestions helpful.


    1. Hi David,
      I havent heard of any of these dietary adjustments to be honest, thanks for sharing this research. Due to have chronic daily nausea I am unable to alter my diet very much but I will keep your suggestions in mind if and when I am able to eat a wider range of food.

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