things i love thursday

things i love thursday: t-shirt addict

Growing up I was always facisnated by my father’s  t-shirt collection. My dad is a tshirt and jeans kind of a guy and boy oh boy does he have a lot of t-shirts. Any historical place we visisted, any interesting museum or art gallery, any school my brother and I attended, any random science society you didnt even know existed…my dad has a t-shirt from them.

It should be a shock to no one that I too LOOOOVE t-shirts. While I long to be more fashionable and look like I stepped out of a free people or anthropolgie ad, I am a tshirt, jeans, and a pair of cute sneakers kind of gal (throw a cardigan on if its cold).

SO heres some of the t-shirts that I am loving and wishing were mine…

this perfect (and totally true tshirt)

this darling book t-shirt

this exquisite tshirt

this rad t-shirt

this bombass beet shirt

this adorable t-shirt duo

this pretty (and funny) tshirt

this “unbearably” cute t-shirt (oooh yes I am SO “pun”ny)

this STUNNING t-shirt (one of my very favorites of the post)

this fun tshirt

this amazing shirt (SO TRUE)

this excellent tshirt

this masterpiece of a tshirt

this lovely cherry blossom typewriter shirt

this awesome (and true) t-shirt

this super cute totoro tshirt

this beautiful t-shirt

this adorable tshirt

this lovely t-shirt

this amazing and true t-shirt

this spectacular t shirt

this spectacular xfiles tshirt

this stunning geisha-inspired t-shirt

this amazing ode to empire records (hands down one of my very fave movies)

this great tshirt based on a GREAT book (all bookworms NEED at least one out of print t shirt)

this fun retro dirty dancing t-shirt

this magical tshirt

this perfect tshirt

this beautiful tshirt



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