just a little bit of time

Hello my dears!

I apologize that it has been a little while since you last heard from me. My computer broke, I haven’t been feeling well at all, and so I decided to take it as a sign to take a small break. As happens with breaks, I found myself missing this blog more and more but needed some time to just focus on myself without stress of what blogging can entail (Its a lot more work than I ever knew).

So I’m back!

I have some fun posts to post along with my usual “101” on different treatment options for chronic pain and illness so stay tuned!

I am also VERY proud and excited to announce that I have once again been nominated for the WeGoHealth awards for my work on Instagram and on here. It is an honor to be nominated again and I am so excited to perhaps get my words shared on a larger platform.

You can endorse me if you would like 😉

Thank you so much in advance!

Its good to be back. I have missed you guys and this special place on the internet that is mine and mine alone <3



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