things i love thursday

things i love thursday: cute kicks

Hey hey hey!

I am apparently very in to doing “themed” things I love thursdays…hopefully you guys are as well *wink*

This week is alllll about shoes! Like many people, I ADORE shoes and while I am unable to wear most shoes thanks to my CRPS, I love just looking at shoes (and dreaming of the day I can hopefully wear them). You may notice a theme, I really love the following:

the color yellow, oxfords, “fashion” sneakers, houndstooth & herringbone

So without further adieu…shoesssss of my dreams

these spectacular wedges

these dainty vans

these fun wedges

these fantastic boots

these adorable flats

these sweet booties

these cute puma platforms

these spectacular heels

these super rad boots

these sweet and daily ballet flats

these darling (RARE) asics tiger onitsuka x tokidoki

these fun heels

all of these darling oxfords

these rad doc martens

these fun addidas superstars

these ridiculously cute fox heels

these awesome boots

these cheery vans


these wild and fun irregular choice heels and wedges

these rad boots

these fun asics

these snazzy flats

 What shoes do you love?

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