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things i love thursday: bathing suit edition

Hey hey!

As summer approaches, I always find myself looking at bathing suits. I never thought I would ever love looking at bathing suits since being in a bathing suit has been such a source of anxiety for me since I was 12. Thankfully I started to really get into bathing suits a few years ago (and working some on my confidence issues) and now (thank you universe) the idea of shopping for one no longer makes me feel like vomiting or having a panic attack.

I rarely ever buy anything (I am not one of those girls who owns 20 bikinis) but I really love looking at all the fun and different styles, especially since plus size fashion has really become way less formulaic and way more flirty and fun. I love the high waisted trend (my husband sadly does not) and am also REALLY into all the beautiful floral patterns and crochet/lace accents.

There’s A LOT of cute bathing suits out this year guys!

I figured some of y’all may also love bathing suits…so here’s MANY different kinds of suits for all the different kinds of bodies!

this adorable bikini

this beautiful crochet monokini

this sassy strappy bikini 

this geometric inspired monokini

this fun and flirty two piece

this beautiful olive one piece-LOVE the gorgeous crocheting on the back

this fun halter bikini

this gorgeous lacy one piece

this retro high waisted bikini

this fun floral one piece

this lovely one piece– LOVE the mustard yellow

this intergalactic bikini

this rad floral one piece 

this amazing crochet bikini

this sassy underwire bikini (LOVE the fishnet overlay)

this colorful one piece

this simple but sassy one piece

this fun striped one piece

this cute two piece (yes apparently I really LOVE floral bathing suits)

this amazing lacy bikini 

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