Move Over Modcloth

So I gotta be honest, I am pretty bummed about one of my FAVORITE places to shop Modcloth being bought by Walmart.

For those not in the know, is very popular women’s clothing site that caterers to those of us who enjoy a more quirky vintage style with some modern twists. It is affordable, fun, and a favorite amongst myself and many of my friends.

Last week they were purchased by which is owned by Walmart. I have been boycotting Walmart for several years (watch this documentary if you are unaware of how Walmart treats it’s employees) so I cannot in good conscience support Modcloth anymore but man oh man, this is a hard one for me!

While I do not buy a ton of things there (thank you medical bills) nor do I consider myself a “fashionista”, it is my go to website when looking for dresses and shoes. Once a week I will often pop by just to peruse and get style ideas. If you follow my Things I Love Thursday series you know I feature MANY items from Modcloth. I began shopping there when I was in college over a decade ago (still have the cardigan) and it’s a shop I never thought I would be boycotting.

So where do those of us who are no longer going to shop at Modcloth continue to buy cute dresses, fun t-shirts, and one of a kind shoes?

I decided to do some research and low and behold I found MANY other places to find cute clothes and accessories. I do want to say that this post is by no means “shaming” those who will continue to shop at Modcloth. If that applies to you then please just look at this post as a list of other neat stores to check out!

So here’s some ideas broken down by categories of clothing that Modcloth is well known for:

If you love Modcloth’s quirky t-shirts, you should check out…

Threadless: If you love fun, weird, or creative t-shirts, Threadless is the place for you. They have so many fun, pretty, and artistic t-shirts, it’s hard to decide what to get!

Rebubble:This site is similar to Treadless but slightly different in some of the styles of shirts they offer. Definitely check out all their awesome contrast tanks!

Out of Print: If you are a big old bookworm like me, this site is PERFECT for you! All of the clothes and jewelry are inspired by books. Is there anything cooler than rocking a shirt featuring your favorite book? Best of all “Out of Print is dedicated to celebrating our favorite stories while promoting literacy in underserved communities. Each purchase helps to fund literacy programs and book donations to communities in need.”

Society 6: There are SO many cute and funny t shirt designs on this site…but you can also find leggings, throw pillows, phone cases, and shower curtains all featuring the same amazing artwork you can find on their t-shirts!

Feminist Apparel:This company is one of my favorite t-shirt companies. They have SO many rad shirts with adorable drawings and awesome messages about feminism!

boygirlparty: This site has SO many cute cartoon t shirt designs including quite a few adorable baby onesies and shirts. I want one of everything!

If you love Modcloth’s  lacey and bohemian chic dresses, you should check out…

Francescas: This store is one of my favorite places to shop where I live. It always has tons of cute dresses including many lacey dresses just like Modcloth. The website doesn’t have as many options as the actual boutique so I encourage you to check one out in person when you get a chance. I also really love their jewelry!

Altar’d State: We have one of these stores in my town and after longingly passing it a few times, I finally got to look inside when I was Christmas shopping. Like Francescas, the online site isn’t anywhere as extensive as the actual store but there’s still some cute stuff online! There’s LOTS of cute lacey dresses, hobo chic outfits, and soft bell bottom jeans.

Ruche: This store is somewhat similar to Modcloth but has some more modern clothes mixed in . Their dress selection is definitely their strong point but definitely be sure to check out their blouses and jewelry!

aristocracie:This site is a new favorite, I am SO impressed with their dress selection! Their jewelry is also super fun and kitschy. Im pretty impressed with this site and hope they will get more popular as people begin to hear about this mod cloth alternative.

mimetik: One of my favorite parts about Modcloth was their wedding section, they had a great selection of affordable and eclectic wedding dresses.Thankfully you can find many similar dresses here (the price range is a little higher than many of the Modcloth wedding dresses)

If you love Modcloth’s fun pin-up inspired clothes, you should check out…

Eshakti– This clothing line is pretty ingenious.You can get clothes custom tailored to your measurements as well as alter certain aspects of the clothing to suit your tastes. It is still very affordable and so many of the dresses and skirts are ADORABLE!

Pin Up Girl Clothing: I am sure many people have heard of this site as it has been around at least as long as Modcloth. The site always has a ton of cute pin up inspired clothes in stock and all are reasonably priced. I also really appreciate the fact that they have a large amount of plus sized clothes. Some of my friends loved Modcloth because of the plus size fashion so its good to have some alternatives for that!

Unique Vintage: There are TONS and TONS of fun pin up inspired dresses on this site!! They also have a great flapper section, perfect for a costume party or “Great Gasby” inspired wedding.

Annaclothing: If you love boldly colored dresses that show off your curves, you need to check this etsy shop out ASAP!

cutxpaste: This etsy store has several cute and one of a kind vintage inspired dresses including a few fun wedding options.

If you love Modcloth’s unique bathing suits, you should check out…

Unique Vintage: If you love pin up inspired bathing suits look no further!

Bikiniboo: these bathing suits are SO fun! I love the wide range of prints and I am dying to get one of high waisted one pieces.

Venderstore: If you love high waisted bikinis LOOK NO FURTHER! There’s tons of different fabrics and several cute variations on this vintage look.

Sea Tales: These one pieces are STUNNING with really amazing watercolor designs. Truly one of a kind!

Hot Topic: Ok so hear me out….I know Hot Topic is regarded as a cheesy store for angsty middle and high schoolers and while that is 100%true, I was pleasantly surprised by their swimsuits this year. There’s several really fun bikinis including an entire Disney cosplay series that is just too adorable for words!

If you love Modcloth’s cute and eclectic shoes, you should check out…

Not Rated: This brand of shoes is often featured on Modcloth and one of my favorite brands when it comes to cute lace up wedges, funky booties, and dainty oxfords.

Irregular Choice: I discovered this brand back in college and immediately LOVED how quirky their shoes are. Modcloth usually carries at least a few different styles so if you like wild loud shoes, definitely check out the Irregular Choice website!

B.A.I.T. footwear has TONS of bright retro inspired heels and wedges!

Top Vintage has A LOT of vintage inspired shoes in many bright shades. These shoes will go with just about any vintage/pin up outfit.

I hope this list has given you so many more shopping options whether or not you plan to no longer shop at Modcloth.

Three cheers for vintage inspired fashion!

Do you know of any other clothing stores that are similar to Modcloth?

2 thoughts on “Move Over Modcloth

  1. Wow, how concerning! I had no idea about this… Definitely something that turns me off. Thanks for going through the time to put up all these different sites! I knew about some of these and was definitely going to recommend Ruche and Unique Vintage, but many of the others are new to me! Awesome post (even though it’s sad).

  2. This isn’t quite an alternative, but I’ve had a lot of luck finding Modcloth items on the secondhand clothing app Poshmark. They are often in perfect condition, and the prices are great. And I don’t feel guilty buying from there post-Modcloth-Walmart-acquisition since it’s all secondhand.

    Shameless plug: if you’re new to Poshmark, sign up within the app (not the website) using referral code UNXAZ to get $5 off your first purchase. First purchase also has 99 cent shipping, yay!

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