things i love thursday

things i love thursday: all about space

Hey hey!

So a fun fact about me is that I love space. I got into it a few years ago after watching a Stephen Hawking documentary and my dad has helped me get even more into it. Space is pretty amazing so here’s some amazing space stuff!

the documentary that started it all

this beautiful constellation runner

this fun DIY constellation cardigan

these breath taking photos of the milky way over yellowstone (photo by dave lane)

this gorgeous ceiling star kit

this guide to help you explore the night skies during 2017

this out of this world dress

these fun constellation rocks

this amazing photo of NASA before powerpoint

these adorable constellation earrings

this incredible app that will help you with your star gazing

this awesome sweatshirt

this neat phone case

this stunning sharp image of my favorite star Betelgeuse a red supergiant  that is part of the Orion constellation

this fun

this antique chart of star constellations

these planet plates

this constellation shirt

this affordable telescope (my husband bought me a telescope for Christmas and I about lost my mind)

this rad mural

this charming shirt. a friend got me the sweater version and i LOVE it.


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