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short & sweet: happy news

Oh my dear friends I have some good news (for once)

I am SO excited to announce that my Bartonella bloodwork has come back….NEGATIVE!

Bartonella is a tick borne bacteria, its considered a “co-infection” of Lyme Disease as ticks often carry multiple kinds of bacteria. I struggled with Bartonella A LOT, it often was harder for me than my Lyme Disease symptoms. It is very neurological in nature and at my worst I would have nerve pain in my entire scalp, all over my stomach, my back, parts of my groin, etc. Some days even my teeth would even have terrible nerve pain. Having CRPS AND Bartonella often meant that if my Bartonella was flared up (or I was herxing) my CRPS would also get worse even though it was NOWHERE as advanced or severe as my CRPS is now.

Ever since Dr Kaplan has begun to question what systemic issue/s could be causing my CRPS to get so much worse, I have been very fearful that Bartonella could once again be part of the picture. I dreaded the idea of being on multiple antibiotics again and struggling through herxheimer reactions which are absolutely MISERABLE.

My Lyme tests are not yet back. I was in remission as of May 2016 so I really hope this is still the case. Treating Lyme and other tick borne bacterias is grueling, hellacious, and you feel A LOT worse before you feel better. I really really really want to shut the door on that miserable period of my life and I really hope that we can.

I so rarely get to share GOOD health news and tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of becoming disabled so I cannot even begin to explain how much this means to me. I needed this…desperately.

2 thoughts on “short & sweet: happy news

  1. Just found your blog. You’re so right Bartonella is brutal. I have the triple package; chronic Lyme, bartonella, and babesia. It’s so hard to kill. I think I was infected many times but a spider bite in 2011 was the strain that is torturing me now. Was there anything that worked better than other stuff?

    1. Antibiotics worked the best for me even though the herxing was rough and the side effects were miserable. Sorry to hear that you are sick with TBI.

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