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things i love thursday- phones, tablet, and computer cases oh my!

 So I love me a cute phone case…something about an oversize cat or a coffee drink or just about anything weird/cute/fun on a phone case that makes me smile! Maybe you love cute phone cases too…if not I’ve included some fun tablet and computer decor as well.

These are the phone, tablet, and computer cases/decor that I am loving right now…

this awesome keyboard decor

this cool moon iPad case

this lovely floral phone case

this sweet and fun keyboard decal

this adorable corgi and/or bear? phone case

this rad lunar moth iPad mini case

this super pretty computer case

this fly phone case for all my shy people

this spectacular computer decal

these GORGEOUS kindle cases

this fantastic galaxy case

this kawaii inspired phone case

this super pretty keyboard decal

this super cute ice cream case

this stunning iPad case

this game boy inspired phone case

this stunning computer decal

this kooky starbucks drink phone case

these cute fry phones

this absolutely awesome keyboard decal

this super cute book phone case

this simple but beautiful computer and keyboard decal

this masterpiece

this swanky iPad and iPhone organizer

this hilarious pug yoga phone case

this adorable mini iPad case

this slothtastic phone case

this amazing phone case

this awesome laptop case

this freaking amazing phone case of the one the only BARB <3

these gorgeous wooden phone cases


this super pretty computer decal

Happy happy Thursday friends!

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