my new years wish for you.

My wish for you on the cusp of this brand new year is to learn to just be.
Be in your body.
Be in the present.
I hope you can feel comfortable from the marrow of your bones
to the tips of your eyelashes. 
I hope you can feel joy when life feels anything but joyful.
I hope you find peace when life feels noisy
I hope you find your voice when you would rather swallow your words.
I hope you belly laugh this year,
I’m talking side splitting gasping for breath laughter.
I hope you cry because something is beautiful.
I hope you delight in small joys like coffee on a rainy day
or the first crocus after the grey blanket of a long bitter winter.
I hope you feel safe in the silence.
I hope you dance with abandon to an old favorite song.
I hope you learn to say sorry
I hope your learn how to say thank you when someone compliments you.
I hope you listen to your heart.
I hope you share wisdom and strength with someone who needs it
I hope someone bares their soul to ease yours.
I hope you stare at stars by yourself on a fall night.
I hope you dance with your best friend on a spring day.
I hope you forgive yourself.
I hope you hope.

just be. just be. just be.
It’s really all any of us can do.

Happy New Years
love, G

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