things i love thursday

things i love thursday #53

oh its thursday thursday thurdays

so this is what i am loving so much this week my dears!

this lovely little ring 

this gorgeous hand knit sweater

this pretty nail color (Channelesque by china glaze)

these sweet shoes

this beautiful mural

this truth

this snuggly cardigan

this cat set

these paper crane earrings

this darling dress

this great DIY suitcase dog bed

this beauty and her perfect hair

this exquisite recipe by connoisseurs veg -a freaking AWESOME vegan recipe site

these doc martens-my best friend in 7th grade had this exact pair and i remember thinking they were magical

this magical snow paradise

this tv show, its magnificent and you should watch it ASAP

these earrings

this perfect tattoo by Katakan Kabin

brain food:

these are a few of your favorite things 

Documenting the Secret Lives of India’s LGBTQ Youth

From He to She in First Grade

Taking  A Break from Facebook is Good For You

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