things i love thursday

things i love thursday #50

Hey hey hey!

HAPPY FIFTY THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY!!! Here’s a little longer post than usual to celebrate, hope you enjoy!

these booooooooooots

this poem by my favorite poet

these earrings

this delicious looking lust sugar scrub mousse bar

this lovely constellation necklace

this lovely hooded scarf

these awesome steampunk plugs

this roasted chickpea recipe by  win win food (SO many fantastic recipe, bookmarking this site for real)

these beautiful safety pin brooches

this gorgeous color scheme 

these beautiful simple earrings

this darling dress

this beautiful lipstick shade

this adorable jumper

this awesome machine that cleans your makeup brushes

this embroidery kit

this divine sounding quinoa bowl 

this awesome DIY recipe 

this captivating show (on netlfix!)

these fun heels

this this this

these beautiful glasses

this lovely recipe, perfect for dry angry winter skin

this lovely truth

these boots

these words by audre lorde

these beautiful matte nails

this darling outfit 

this fantastic piece of art

Brain Food:

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Woman of the Year: Emily Doe

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