things i love thursday

things i love thursday # 48

these whimsical plates

these lovely earrings (these are super similar and WAYYYY cheaper)

this entire look 

this adorable coat

this AWESOME mug

these darling oxfords

this HILARIOUS card (so spot on)

this cute battery pack for your phone

these perfect brows, holy crap I am SO jealous. seriously wish i could do microblading and finally have brows of my dreams

this fun bag

this song (LOVING this band)
this dramatic look by MUA Rija Imran
this spectacular hair (ready to switch mine up..tired of pink)
these fantastic ways to switch up your overnight oats.
if you haven’t made overnight oats…DO IT! it’s such an EASY tasty way to get ina quick healthy breakfast because you make it all the night before. I make them from time to time for Sean so he has a yummy hearty breakfast on days he has to go into work early. (ps-lots of FANTASTIC recipes and health tips at
this spectacular dress (reminds me of this dress from a previous TILT!)
Brain Food:

Sacrifices Families Make For A Quinceañera

Where Are All the Disabled People in the Body Positivity Campaigns?

The Sandy Hook Hoax

How to be a Vegan Without Being a Jerk

The Life and times of Strider Wolf


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