This is what I believe.

Oh my dear readers.

I cannot tell you how many posts that have bloomed in my brain since the election. How many times I have placed my hands on these keys, written a little, and then deleted or how many  posts I have saved as drafts unsure if they will ever be viewed by anyone but me.

While I do post articles about politics, social justice, feminism, racism, gay rights, human rights on Things I Love Thursday, I have not really discussed politics on this blog. Some of it is out of respect for others who may feel and believe differently than me and some of it was so people who come to my blog because they are struggling with chronic illness and pain wouldn’t immediately turn away and miss out on the hope and solidarity I hope to spread to others who are like me.

I may posts those other posts and I may not.

Here is what I will say:

I believe in listening.

I will always sit and listen to others, hearing what they tell me when they feel like their voices are being silenced. I believe its important to be quiet when someone tells me about the bigotry they have experienced and not brushing it off because it isn’t a part of “my world”. I believe in privileges and I believe in acknowledging when you have privileges that mean you don’t experience the hurtful words, bigotry, and violence others do. Just because it doesn’t affect me doesnt mean it doesn’t exist nor do I get to say “well its only a few people that have had that happen” so its not that “big of a deal.”

I believe in love and all the shapes and forms it takes.

How someone loves doesn’t affect how I love nor is it for me to judge that love. I am grateful that anyone knows what it is like to love, its a profound experience and one that I wish for all humans.

I believe in speaking out when you see hate in motion.

I believe in standing up for someone who is being bullied or singled out because of their differentness. I believe that despite the deep wish that there wasn’t “differentness”, it DOES exist and I will not deny the existence of racism and bigotry because it isn’t for me to deny.

I have always worn my heart on my sleeve and I have always spoken out even when I get too involved and cry and cry because I just cannot fathom someone saying or doing something hateful ESPECIALLY when it’s rooted in targeting someone who is different.

I believe in caring about things outside the periphery of my life.

I believe in not settling in comfy and cozy because my life is untouched by things. I believe in being a safe house for those who need me. I care about this world and what happens to it.

I will never not care.

I don’t know what will happen in these next 4 years. I have trepidation like many but I will not let go of hope. There is room in my heart and mind for both. I have such a swell of pride at the friends I have, people with HUGE hearts, profound ethics, and kindness overflowing from their mouths. People who are humble enough to admit when they have stumbled and people who strive to make a change.

I am proud to sit with them, stand with them, and cry with them.

How lucky I am to have friends who care about the greater good of humanity, who aren’t satisfied to only worry about what’s around them, and who consider what others go through and how they can help.

I am by no means a perfect person and I am flawed in so many ways.

There is always work for me to do in order to become the kind of person I want to be. I will keep working, listening, believing, and fighting both for myself and for others, especially those who are too afraid to speak.

That’s all I have to say right now.




3 thoughts on “This is what I believe.

  1. Loved and related to your words so much, Genevieve. I’m in a similar boat of having written several posts that sit as drafts, not yet publishing. The time will come soon I’m sure, but in the meantime I sure appreciated this post. Much love to you, girl.

  2. Thank you. Your words are beautifully put together, and from your heart. Proud to be your cousin, and love every article. A born writer.
    Morgan/Chapman strong.

  3. This was just what I needed to read today. Thank you so much for your words. I love reading your posts and truly appreciate your beautiful, vulnerable writing.

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