things i love thursday

things i love thursday: g’s favorite cold weather fashions

So I am not a big fan of cold weather. I never really had been to be honest, late spring and early summer weather makes me the happiest, hands down my favorite weather. I do like fall and then am ok with winter until December 1rst…then I’m done. I HATE the dreary cold grey months of February and March!

One thing I do love however is cold weather fashion! There’s SO many cute accessories likes hats and scarves and gloves anode course boots! Here’s what Im digging for fall/winter 2016!

this beautiful handmade infinity scarf byPikaPikaCreative

this cheery blanket scarf

this fantastic herringbone scarf

this fun AND practical scarf

these darling boot toppers (1,2, 3, 4)

these fun tights (1, 2, 3)

these rad fingerless gloves (1,2,3)

this simple slouchy beanie

this “very fall” beanie

this ombre beanie

this stylish ear warmer (i made myself one a few years ago, love how they look)

this sweet mint hat

this comfy cardigan

this cozy cardigan

this lovely draped cardigan

this cool cardigan

What cold weather fashions do you love?

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