things i love thursday

things i love thursday #47

Hey hey hey! Its the first Thursday of November, only 9 MORE Thursdays until 2017!!!! This year has FLOWN BY!!! This is what I am loving this week….

this absolutely marvelous mushroom dress

this beautiful nail polish shade

this lovely dress

this fun and creative living room

this great list of fantastic products that actually DO what they say

this delicious looking peach streusel coffee cake by a savory feast

this absolutely astonishing library (this is the Baroque library of the St. Florian Monastery in Austria.)

this sweet lingerie set

this awesome serum. i am new to body merry products but so far i am LOVING this serum and excited to try other products. my skin feels SO hydrated!

this entire adorable look


this beautiful simple fall look by the super talented taylor anise

these spiffy boots


this insanely beautiful photo of the milky way over an erupting volcano in Santa Maria, Guatemala

these constellation earrings (1-ursa major, 2-pisces, 3-cassiopeia, 4-orion)

this blanket scarf (i am SUPER into them all of a sudden and loving that you can do quite a few looks with them)

Happy November guys!!!

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