30 Day Gratitude Challenge: day three

day THREE: Well the universe shed some light on me today. I had to get an endoscopy done to help figure out why I ended up in the ER¬†October 17th and why my upper stomach STILL hurts 2 weeks later. I wouldn’t normally care if they had found an ulcer BUT if there was one, there was a good chance UVA Pain wouldn’t let me do ketamine for 6+ months. This is obviously NOT ok with me so I just kept crossing my fingers that it’s just some gnarly gastritis that I have to stay on top of.

Thankfully the endoscopy went great and while there’s some irritation and bile..there’s NO ulcers! This means I have gastritis which I have had probably 4 times now. Its painful and not fun but its a drop in the bucket and I know I will bounce back soon with the meds.


I also really lucked out that my mom’s dear wonderful best friend Anne was able to help me get home. No one else could pick me up and if you don’t have a ride, they won’t let you do the procedure. The next available spot was FEBRUARY so I really wanted to get it over with NOW. Anne stepped up to the plate and was so kind and sweet to me. SO very grateful that my mom’s has two of the sweetest kindest most loveliest friends who have been in our lives for over 2 decades. I am really enjoying getting to know each of them as “friends” and am excited about doing a “girls” lunch soon!

Today I am grateful to not lose access to ketamine and to not have any angry ulcers pissing my stomach off! I am also so very grateful for the many lovely sweet fun people in my life who are there when I need them, its a luxury not everyone has!


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