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a very very creepy crawly things i love thursday

Hey hey hey!

It’ss almost Halloween so I thought that it would be fun to do a “Halloween themed” things I love thursday…because Halloween is just the best. I am always astounded by how talented some makeup artists are and also LOVE when people come up with unique costume ideas (if any of these are yours, please let me know so I can make sure to give you credit).

So here are my favorites…some are super complex  and some are insanely easy!

this insanely amazing scary mermaid by MUA Emily Anderson

this easy and cute Mary Poppins costume idea

these incredible makeup looks from the unbelievably talented Madeyewlook

this ADORABLE little lady with the “my neighbor totoro” costume (one of my very FAVORITE anime characters)

these blood stained spooky nails

this wonderful monsters inc costume

this super fun pop art zombie by MUA Casper

this “super green” ruby rhod costume (it must POP POP POP!)

these ghoulish nails are absolutely beautiful

these amazing league of their own costumes  (look at the baby version)

this adorable woodland creature look

this fun take on being a dainty deer by MUA Steph

this absolutely beautiful van gogh costume

this wonderful king max costume

this incredible skull makeup look by MUA Brianna Fox

this haunting (and bad ass) costume 

this super cool body suit

this AWESOME split face makeup by MUA Osennyaya Kate

this tiny (and AMAZING) porcupine

this amazing MUA (who happens to be one of my friends). michelle does ALLLLL kinds of haunting, scary, and totally wild makeup, its been awesome to watch her hone her craft especially in the past few years! check out her instagram for her annual halloween makeup contest where people are duplicating makeup looks she has created, there’s SO many cool “re-interpretations” and soo00 many talented people sharing their love for spooky freaky  makeup and prostethics.

these hilarious joyce + magic talking lights costumes (check out even more awesome stranger things costumes/cosplays here, one of my favorite shows for sure)

this insanely well done ms frizzle costume

this beautifully done iron giant costume (BRAVO)

this tremendously well done moonrise kingdom couples costume (keikolynn posts TONS of great costume ideas) (also check out even more moonrise kingdom costumes here)

brain food:

my double mastectomy, one year later

wisconsin surrogacy case: two dads almost lose their son

how celebrities are changing how we view chronic lyme disease

the politics of women

pronoun privilege 

there are no more panes of glass in aleppo

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