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things i love thursday : coat addicts anonymous

Hello….My name is Genevieve and I am a coat addict.

Yes its true…if I am out shopping and spy a coat, well chances are I want to buy it. I especially want to buy it if it is houndstooth, plaid, cut in a fun way, has a hood, etc. Pretty much if it is a coat/jacket/or hoodie, I probably want it and have either drooled on my computer or in person looking at it and have also probably driven Sean nuts asking him 35 different ways if he thinks the coat is cute.

Coats are my crack.

So what better way to indulge this addiction then to dedicate a WHOLE Things I Love Thursday to my beloved coats!?!?

this dreamboat coat

this military inspired cutie

this marvelous blazer (with elbow patches!!!)

this sweet and simple better sweater jacket

this adorable long coat

this snuggly hooded cardigan

this wonderful fun jacket

this plaid beauty

this awesome vegan leather jacket/hoodie combo


this houndstooth piece of perfection 

this sweet sweater coat

this orange ruffled number

this is my favorite hoodie, I wear it constantly  (sadly out of stock-it was last season from american eagle)

this yellow beauty 

this other yellow beauty

this snuggly wrap coat

MMMMMMM so many coats, so little time (and moola haha)

Do you have a coat addiction or a certain fashion item you can’t get enough of?

2 thoughts on “things i love thursday : coat addicts anonymous

  1. WOWZA at that first one. I’m more of a cardigan gal (that sounds so weird), but I’m big on fashion, so lots of pieces can make me drool! The coat labeled “this yellow beauty” that has the wide yellow belt and big buttons reminds me of a thick, lush purple coat I had in college that I loved dearly. It was so fun to wear! Good memories with that coat.

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