things i love thursday

things i love thursday #45

Hey lovelies, sorry for the delay. I have been in the hospital since Tuesday and then my website was down for a day or so. SOOOOO without further adieu, this what I am digging this week!!!

these amazing custom shoes that turn into rollerskatessssss

this great review of several drugstore foundations! hairspray and high heels has A LOT of amazing makeup and skincare tips, check them out (I really appreciate their drugstore series)

these perfect shoes- I ADORE houndstooth and you know I live in flats, wish I could find a pair of these!

this hot lady’s entire look

these delightful cookies

this great mask, I have used this mask since I was a teenager. I recently bought one since Im almost out of my Dermalogica’s Medibac Sebum Clearing Masue and its just as great as I remember. You cannot beat the price!

this cute backpack 

these absolutely adorable overalls

this entire outfit

this GORGEOUS makeup (mua-not known)

this delicious dinner

this sweet jumper

these fun nails

these cute “cartoon” bags

this beautiful pink hair

Brain Food:

The Drug of Choice for the Age of Kale

What It’s Like to Have a Trans Partner

Through the Looking Glass: In the bizarro world of Miss America, losers smile and winners sob

Athletic Inspiration Porn Is No Excuse to Shame Me for My Disability

That’s How We Survive: Meet The Mothers Who Have Been Fighting Police Brutality For Decades


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