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things i love thursday : tea time

Hey hey hey!

If you’re like me, the fall air means that tea time is pretty much every day or at least a few evenings a week. These are my favorite tea related items right now!

this adorable tea infuser

this delicious vanilla cream rooibos (its one of my faves)

this sweet cat mug

this handy steeping guide

these whimsical tea towels

this delightful lavender tea

this delightful london fog recipe by the busy baker (I have GOT to make this!)

this stunning tea pot

this amazing chai blend made by oprah and teavana (try the oprah chai latte at starbucks…its wonderful!)

this AMAZING octomug

this insanely adorable tea towel

these neat tea rituals around the world (butter tea sounds intriguing!)

this classic bedtime tea. I love nice loose leaf tea but sleepy time is still a great relaxing tea to sip before bed

this charming hedgehog tea pot

this wonderful sore throat tea recipe

this refreshing blackberry mojito green tea (it’s wonderful iced!)

this fun tea cup that gives you some life skills while you sip

this amazing “perfectea maker”– its my favorite way to make tea now and great for when you’re making tea for 2

these colorful cups

What’s your favorite kind of tea!?

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2 thoughts on “things i love thursday : tea time

  1. I love this so much! Tea is my life. I really enjoy earl grey lavender tea. Or anything chamomile related. The sleepytime tea has always been an essential with me as well. I have so many owl tea mugs it’s not even funny; my cabinet is over-flowing right now! That hedgehog teapot is SO CUTE btw.

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