things i love thursday

things i love thursday #43

Hey hey hey! Wish me luck, tomorrow I go on my first vacation in YEARS! My best friend Amber and I are taking a fun BFF trip to Colorado for the next week. I haven’t been to Colorado in YEARS and I am so excited to explore Boulder and just be somewhere new! I have never flown since I started using a wheelchair so I have NO idea what flying while disabled is like…should make for an interesting time (and maybe a good blogpost *wink wink*)

Anyways here’s what I am digging this week…

this incredible makeup by this amazing MUA Briekt . Her makeup is inspired by this piece of art “Galaxy Freckles” by Qinni Art, you can check out a bunch one other MUA’s interpretations of it here)

this adorable dress

this incredible new face oil by Dermalogica. it has Camellia, chia seed, and tamanu oils?! sign me up!

these super fun plates

this GORGEOUS burgundy color

this beautiful tattoo by pechschwarz

these cute compass earrings

this rad outfit

this adorable cozy cabin


this sweet little butter dish

these beautiful nail decals

these banana bread waffles from mother thyme (I don’t like bananas much but Sean LOVES them and LOVES waffles)

these adorable necklaces featuring the flower of your birth month ( mine is larkspur!)

this absolutely gorgeous highlight palette inspired by MUA deysi danger

this incredible boho dreamy bathroom

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