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things i love thursday: 20 adorable etsy items

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I don’t know about you guys but etsy is one of my most favorite places on the internet. Whether I’m browsing for the perfect gift, swooning over stuff I wish I owned, or perusing looking for items perfect for next week’s “things i love thursday”, etsy is always my go to place. They have EVERYTHING! Its kind of like Target but with way more options and no worrying about where to put your shopping cart when you’re done 😉 The ability to support small business is also a HUGE plus to me.

I have purchased many beautiful handmaid gifts from etsy for loved ones including my husband’s wedding ring. If you haven’t gone…go! NOW!

These are some of my favorite things Ive found on etsy lately.

this awesome back to the future inspired t-shirt

this cute vegan purse

this BEAUTIFUL wooden bed

this amazing iPad cover

these cute and unique nail wraps

these magnificent game of thrones playing cards

this lovely compass/map necklace

this beautiful table

this ridiculously cute shower curtain

these stunning liquid matte lipsticks

this cute skirt

these beautiful cross stitch friends

these hilarious pop culture/social media inspired cross stitch master pieces (1, 2, 3, 4)

these three different wonderful ways to display things (1, 2, 3)

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One thought on “things i love thursday: 20 adorable etsy items

  1. Etsy is where I find inspiration for a lot of projects and where I buy a lot of gifts from. I love that you compared it to Target–so hilarious and so true. The GoT playing cards are GREAT. Definitely something I would just…collect haha!

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