things i love thursday

things i love thursday #40

Hey hey hey! Happy happy Thursday my dears!

these kicks

this cozy bedroom and blanket

this simple pink/greige look by MUA tangerine_tea_x

this breath taking photo (source:unknown)

this awesome shoe collection…I want all of them!

this incredible lemon poppy seed oatmeal by emilie eats (DEFINITELY check out her blog, tons of great recipes!)

this lovely bag

this beautiful DIY wall art

this adorable toner


these amazing matte lipsticks by colourpop (I adore tootsi, creature, pillow talk, and nevermind)

this divine dish

this pretty brush set up

this cute way to store/display your spices

this poem by one of my very favorite poets

this absolutely beautiful bookcase (in a french language school…even better!!)

 Brain food:

Why We Must Stop Forgetting Disabled Women When We Talk About Street Harassment

There Can Be No Sex in Bollywood

Happy Thoughts For Your Morning Routine

Why My Husband Took His Life and How I Healed

The Tragically Short Half-life of Online Empathy


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