things i love thursday

things i love thursday #37

Happy Thursday my dears!

This week I am loving cute teacups, pressed flower phone cases, space buns, and lovely hanging chairs. How about you??!

this stunning fall inspired palette by Morphe

I got the Shimmer Nature Glow Palete a few days ago for a late birthday present and omg it is pure perfection. it’s ALL shimmers so I would advise getting it if you already have a good amount of matte brown/bronze colors to work with. There’s also JUST a matte version that looks beautiful too. Drooling over the Fall into Frost Palette, it’s sold out and I want ittttt!

these precious shoes

this beautiful hanging chair

these adorable book marks 

these insanely beautiful photos of our universe

this beautiful wood palette idea for a headboard

this cute teacup set

this cozy cardigan, i got a gift certificate to anthropologie and spent all of it on this beauty!

these divine 5 ingredient oreo cheesecake cookies by Baker by Nature

this super simple manicure by naturellenailsandbeauty

this incredibly sweet and funny movie

this adorable pressed flower phone case

this amazing kale walnut avocado pesto by Ciao Veggie. Dang that looks good!

this STUNNING bathroom

this sweet lacy top

this lipstick is a new favorite for me :beeper by colourpop

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4 thoughts on “things i love thursday #37

  1. I love how sometimes you can know right away how items are from Modcloth haha! I mean, those shoes are adorable… I love that teacup set as well. Great post! Loved scrolling through it.

    1. Right? Mod cloth is just so constantly cute that I also can tell when an item is probably from there. I knew my sister in law would be my friend when we bonded over the wonders of modcloth 🙂 Thanks for reading!!!!

    1. The headboard is SO cute. Pinterest has SOOOO much awesome DIY palette stuff. Ive found several things I would love to make (which means most likely my husband taking over and making it for me when I mess it up haha)

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