things i love thursday

things i love thursday #36


this palette. YOU GUYS, it is so so so pretty! I picked it up a few weeks ago with some gift cards I got for my birthday and holy smokes is it dreamy.

this box of treasures and knick knacks. My grandparent’s had one that i always admire and I would love one of my own one day.

these intergalactic macarons!

this legit piece of heaven

this exquisite book of poetry

These midi pencil skirts, I got a few last week (thank you forever 21 for cheap cute stuff) and I am OBSESSED. They show off my swerves and curves and go great with the converse sneakers and asics onitsuka tiger shoes I am stuck wearing all the time. (first look, second lookthird look, fourth look)


this bedding set

this adorable ensemble (forever 21-not in stock anymore *sad face*)

this beautiful green muted look

these stunning cypress trees in the dismal swamp in between VA and NC

these heavenly sandwiches from wendi polsi

these awesome cornrows (photo by lina tesch photoraphy)

this lovely lady’s instagram. she did a HUGE lifestyle overhaul 2 years ago and posts so much positive awesome stuff about self love, thrift store shopping, and healthy delicious meals.

Brain Food:

5 ways to Feel Better in Your Body

I’m Still Here: Living Through Cancer at Age 28

The Two Spirit Tradiation in Native American Culture

Animal Addicts

Explaining White Privilege to a Poor White Person

What are you loving this week??


2 thoughts on “things i love thursday #36

  1. I want to eat those macarons while laying in that cozy piece of heaven below it! Both so dreamy. I always love seeing what you find and share in these lists, Genevieve.

    1. Right!? That sounds like a plan to me 😉 Thanks Kami its such a fun way to connect with readers and is something I look forward to doing. Its definitely my “fun” post for the week.

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