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music monday: summer daze


Wow! Summer is almost gone guys.

Its hard to believe soon this hot stifling humidity that takes over August will slowly morph into cool nights and bursts of flaming foliage, turning the Blue Ridge mountains into shades of red and orange. I will miss summer, its my favorite time of year but fall is pretty spectacular too.

So before summer leaves us, here’s some tunes to make August one to remember. Ive got a real mix of music in this playlist. Some booty shaking jams to blast while you drive with your windows open at night. Some moody music for those rainy summer days or for those delicious thunderstorms at night. Some hip hop and rap to work out to. Some fun toe tapping music to take for that one last beach trip before fall arrives.


3 thoughts on “music monday: summer daze

  1. I always love posts like these and I enjoy making them as well! The song by Anne-Marie is great–thanks for turning me on to it and the artist! I haven’t looked yet but question: do you put up blog posts like these onto the Chronic Illness Bloggers FB page?

    1. I dont, I usually choose a personal post to share on that page. Playlist posts and my Things I Love Thursday posts don’t tend to be as popular as the stuff I share about being sick, body image etc so I always choose posts that I think will resonate with the most amount of readers.

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