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#1 day without pain

#1 Day Without Pain: What would you do? Educating & processing how life changes with chronic pain #1daywithoutpain

My friend Kelly asked me a great question the other day, “If you could have 1 day without pain, what would you do?” It almost startled me, what WOULD I do if I was given one day without any pain.

What would I do?

I sat for a minute and ran through my head, what things would be worthy of such a day? What things can I no longer do? What things do I miss? What are the things I hold most dear that I could cram into 24 hours.

After some pondering I finally answered:

I would get up early, go for a run, make Sean breakfast, drive a car anywhere I could, go out to eat with friends and family, then for a walk around the neighborhood with the dogs…and have lots of uhhh “quality” time with my husband

Some of these things may seem mundane and small, driving a car or going for a walk. These are things I can no longer do. As much as I would love my perfect pain-free day to include HUGE magical things, it truly is the basic things that I miss the most. The freedom that comes with driving, the joy of moving my legs.

It got me thinking.

What would others do? Not only that but would a discussion about this help those who aren’t sick understand more clearly the simple things those who chronically sick may yearn for? It’s hard to comprehend what life is like with chronic pain.  The person with nerve damage in their legs who longs to be able to tolerate driving misses their freedom. The person with RA in their hands who misses being able to write an email to a friend and feels lonely. The person with fibromyalgia dreams of being spontaneous and going out on a whim feels stuck.

There’s also complex things that seem impossible to someone with chronic pain, hiking a mountain, running a marathon, or going on a cross country trip. Some people yearn for physically taxing hobbies that become pipe dreams when their body changes into a battleground.

Each person who is chronically ill has different limitations, different symptoms, and different hopes.. Here’s an opportunity to share and discuss both how our illnesses affect us and the hopes and dreams that keep us going.

Every sick person I know dreams of just one day of no pain, no feeling crappy.

So I decided that maybe how to get this conversation started was to create a hashtag.

Which leads me to you dear reader.

What would you do with one day without pain?

Let’s talk about this friends. Please share what you would do on twitter, talk about it on your blog, or discuss it on Facebook. Leave a comment here if you share it on your blog and I will add a link here to this post for other’s to read. Be sure to use the hashtag #1daywithoutpain so we can all read each other’s responses.

I’m excited to see what people write and how this may help others.

Let’s do this guys!

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5 thoughts on “#1 day without pain

  1. If I had one day without pain, I would take a trip somewhere nearby with water. I would hike, and swim, and I would drive there myself. I would babywear my baby without worrying about what my joints will feel like later. Do I get to throw celiac out for a day? If so, I would TOTALLY go to Buford Highway in Atlanta and eat everything in sight.

    1. Yes throw celiac out the window! I definitely relate, I have gastroparesis and it RULES my life just like my pain. On my “perfect” no gastroparesis day I would eat anything I wanted and not get sick to my stomach after a few bites. All of your activities sound so fun, I hope you can have them back some day or find other ones that fulfill you but don’t flare you up. Thank you for participating.

    1. Jenny thank you for participating! I will link your post on this post so others can read about your 1 day without pain. I hope at least some of that day can happen for you one day <3

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