things i love thursday

things i love thursday #34

Hey hey hey! Hope you are having a marvelous week. This week I am digging libraries that are also bedrooms, dainty rings, wool wall hangings, and X-files t-shirts. How about you?

this adorable pair of overalls

this unbelievably lovely tutorial to display lacy doilies (learn how to make your own here)

this image taken by NASA of Jupiter’s moon Io

this romantic look by MUA Alyssa Marie Artistry

this amazing bedroom in Joana Avillez’s Manhattan loft

this insanely gorgeous palette

this super cute wallet

this poem by one of my favorite poets mary oliver

this awesome yoga move by yogi summer perez…mark my words I WILL get this flexible when I am well. I am hyermobile and I can do it damnit!

this flawless look. this beautiful lady has got. it. going. on.

this liner. i had to break up with my l’oreal felt tip liner because it began to REALLY suck. this NYX liner so far is amazing and was only 6$.. Its the thinnest liner I have found!

these dainty beauties. Its weird, I HATED gold jewelry for years and then in the past year I have slowly grown to really like it, especially rose gold. I am hunting a dainty ring for my right hand as a gift to myself when I finally am walking normally again.

this advice

this lovely wall hanging. Its made by a woman I found on instagram and I love everything she writes and takes photos of. She is raw, real, and beautiful (read her blog here)

these awesome X-files t-shirts

brain food:

My Mother The Shrinking Woman

How Many Black People Can You Mourn in One Week

Why We Have To Get Rid Of The Notion of a Bikini Body Forever

The Lost House: A Story Of Sexual Abuse

Menstrual Equity


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