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music monday: lady jams


Well it’s been QUITE a long time since I did a music monday but I have been finding TONS of great music lately. It seemed selfish to not share them with you. I may not do Music Monday every week (it’s not been a super popular weekly feature) but I’ll be doing one once in awhile.

Who doesn’t love new good music to jam out to!?

Every guy I have ever dated always teased me about the IMMENSE amount of lady artists I listen to. If its a gal with a set of pipes and especially if its indie or folksy or trip hop kind of music…I will have her music¬†on ALL my¬†iTunes playlists. So I decided why not make this Music Monday all about the ladies whose music has been a staple in my life along with some new gals I had never heard of before (thank you spotify!).

This playlist has some classics from my teenage years (Fiona Apple, Ani Difranco, Tori Amos, Bif Naked, Tracy Chapman) some stuff from the past few years ( Florence & the Machine, HAIM, Mary Lambert), and some new delicious music (Wildernessa, MUNA, Gardiner Sisters, Madly Bailey, Grimes).

It’s all great music, perfect for driving, dancing in your room by yourself, going for a run, or laying out by the pool.

Without further adieu..I present Lady Jams!

Who are your favorite female artists?
enjoy guys!

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