things i love thursday

things i love thursday # 32

Hey hey hey! Happy Thursday guys! This is what I am loving this week…

these adorable earrings

these sweet shoes

this haunting art

these gorgeous stairs

this super cute bathing suit

this loveliness

this lovely pink hair

this rad tattoo based on a warsan shire poem, art by Gareth Hawkins at Sovereign Arms Tattoo

this delicious recipe

this book, I just started it a few days ago and am really enjoying it so far. Im hoping it will grip me enough that I can read the rest of the series!

this romantic top

these awesome phone cases

this stunning makeup by MUA Rachel Sorber

this tasty recipe 

this awesome bell hooks print (see more here)

this astounding photo of the

 Helix nebula

Brain Food:

Stoya Said Stop

Redefining The Strong Woman

18 Tiny Reminders The World Can Be Good

The Death Penalty is Dissapearing in the US

When You Say “All Lives Matter,” You’re Telling Me That You’re Afraid of Mine


2 thoughts on “things i love thursday # 32

  1. That swimsuit has me swooning! So pretty. I also kept staring at that art…echoing so many struggles in one piece. Just, wow. And I see you’re a chia pudding fan, too! one of my faves that I have forgotten about for some time – thanks for the inspiration to bring it back!

    1. Chia pudding is the JAM! My gastroparesis severely limits me and I am SO grateful for chia pudding. Dude the site where that swimsuit is from..SO MANY CUTE SUITS! Seriously check it out!!! Happy day friend!

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