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things i love thursday: love love love

Hey y’all! Today is a really special day.

photo by purple fern photography

4 years ago today I married my sweet handsome awesome husband on the hottest day of 2012 high up on a mountain.

It was the happiest most joy filled day of my life.

I thought in honor of our anniversary, I would dedicate this Things I Love Thursday to love and anniversaries. I’ve collected some lovely ideas celebrating your relationship/wedding date along with fun ways to keep your romance alive.

This is what I bought Sean for our anniversary.

He proposed to me with a book, our wedding was book themed…so I thought getting our wedding date engraved in a book was a super cool idea! We don’t usually do anniversary gifts but this was just too perfect.

this sweet initials necklace

this sweet locket. my granny had a locket from my grandpa with their pictures inside. her daughter wore it, my cousins both wore it, and I also wore it for each of our wedding days. i would love a locket of my own to commemorate Sean and I some day.

this necklace with your loved one’s handwriting  engraved on it

this sweet bracelet with your loved one’s handwriting

this awesome wood watch. i got a similar one for sean a few years ago and he LOVES it. he even had a guy try to buy it off of him!

this awesome morticia addams quote

this neat way to celebrate “i love you” through sound wave art

this neat way to celebrate where you met/got married/made a baby whatever

these cute simple keychains

these sweet custom family portraits:





this sweet picture of the state you met

this beautiful picture printed on wood. i’m pretty sure i may have posted this before, i have used this company for a present for my brother and a present for my dad. the quality is unbelievable especially given the price!

this neat way to celebrate your wedding date

this sweet “up” inspired scrapbook someone made for their 7th anniversary (you can buy your own here, here, & here)

this DIY way to encourage fun date nights

this original way to tell your honey all the things you love about them (more DIY ideas here for the love of your life who isn’t into super mushy stuff)

 Well I’m off for a special day with Sean! He got the day off work and I am taking him to go paint pottery and then go out to a nice dinner here. I wish we could go for a hike but maybe next year…considering I was too sick to celebrate last year, we are doing a-ok!


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