things i love thursday

things i love thursday # 30

Hey loves! Happy almost end of the work weeeeeek to youuuuuu!

this sweatshirt

this cutie patootie. the four important cats of my life were all grey or grey and white. i really hope we can have one someday, i really miss having one.

these rad constellation nails by this talented nail aficionado.

this AWESOME harry potter lipstick collection (WANT WANT WANT)

this super cute bathing suit (that rhymeeeed)

this adorable t-shirt (and the cause...Hannah is my old roommate and she is doing AMAZING things for baby cats!!!)

this poem by an amazing author

this show. it is completely out of the zone of shows i usually like (trashy reality shows and dramas hey hey hey) BUT it is completely hilarious. sean and i have been watching it and laughing until our stomachs hurt (THANK YOU NICK!)

this dress (SO CUTE)

these drugstore dupe ideas

this gorgeous bedroom

this beautiful vintage astronomy chart

this amazing in depth history of Westeros

these lovely quartz earrings

this happy graphic

Brain food:

Rape Culture and Rate My Professor

Having an Open Wound that Will Never Heal

Confessions of a Former Fat Kid

Can Tylenol Help Heal a Broken Heart

Menstrual Equity: Free tampons for New York City schools and Jails


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