things i love thursday

things i love thursday #29

It’ssssss Thursday Thursday Thursday 🙂 Time for another riveting Things I Love Thursday with your favorite pink haired weirdo.

this “toothpaste”. ok so peppermint often flares my stomach up and figuring out how to brush my teeth has been challenging, thank god for baking soda. lush apparently has these toothy tabs that DONT taste like mint! i am ordering some and will report back.

this truth. my left brow is such a jerk.

this picture based on one of my most favorite florence & the machine songs

this AMAZING makeup look (MUA: depechegurl)

these adidas crop tops (if someone knows where to buy these holler at your girl)

this attic bedroom.

this awesome customized necklace where you can put any poem you want, i would love one with poetry by warshan shire or nayyirah waheed (hello birthday present HINT HINT !!)

this beautiful piece of furniture

this EASY dish. i’ve made it for Sean a few times and he LOVED it

these beautiful ways to wear barrettes….95% too scared to rock any of them

this stellar look! its hard to pull off yellow shadow but damn she did it! (MUA: makeup by alina)

these incredible sunsuits my friend Mo makes (check her stuff out!)

this show, i know I’m like 2 years too late but whatever. I get the hype now guys!

this beautiful custom camera strap. this was my father’s day gift to my Dad, i added the coordinates of my grandpa’s hometown (where my grandparent’s are buried) to the strap to remind my dad his parents are always with him just like his camera. it was a big hit and the strap itself is beautiful.

this dandelion hair (and makeup…girl is fierce!)

these corgi butts

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