things i love thursday

things i love thursday # 28


this shirt

this delicious smoothie

this gorgeous look by jess jane

these yummy peach treats

this truth

this highlighter collection *SWOON*

these pretty nails

this skirt


this beautiful navy blue look by this talented gal

this gorgeous embroidery

this amazing sculpture

this poem

this lip color has become one of my favorites (embellishment by NYX Cosmetics)

these sweet treats

this mask

Brain Food:

I Hated My Body Until It Stopped Working

Will I Always be Truly Alone?

Crazy Girl Summer Camp

Where are the Women? A critic’s year-long deep dive into the way movies portray half of humanity

Atlas of Beauty

Rape Culture Starts as Early as Middle School 


2 thoughts on “things i love thursday # 28

  1. I have been following you for a couple of months now. I am so eager to see what you will post each Thursday, you have such exquisite taste! I, like you, have a chronic illness and rarely leave the house except for doctor visits. It’s such a challenge to stay positive in the face of illness and isolation but I’m told I do pretty well at it and I think that’s what has struck me about you the most. You manage to stay positive and find humor and beauty in the world when it isn’t always so easy. It’s always nice to find something or someone new to follow online and I’m so happy to have found your blog. You are so inspirational…and beautiful, both inside and out. Thanks so much for sharing with us all.

    1. Dear Ellen, your comment made my day. Truly truly truly. THANK YOU. This blog is a lot of different things for me but most of all I want to be able to help other people in similar situations feel less alone and HEARD. It is so hard to be isolated when you are in pain and dealing with hard stuff on a daily basis. I am glad to hear that others see your ability to be positive, its nice to have people recognize that you can still “be happy” and appreciate stuff when pain and not feeling well is a big part of your reality. Thank you so much for reading and thank you even more for commenting <3 I hope this message finds you on a low pain night. Hang in there new friend.

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