things i love thursday

things i love thursday #27

heyyyyyy lovelies! i hope this week has treated you well so far. here’s what I am digging this week!

this lovely projector

these delicious cookies

this gorgeous look-LOVE the lipstick


these awesome nails

this solid advice

these kicks, they were my favorite sneakers in high school. i really want a new pair after seeing this picture!

this cute tea set

these cute cuckoo clocks

this show. you CANNOT go wrong with old school law & order.

this is 100% my doxie

these tasty treats

this truth

this important piece of advice from an incredible woman

these feline- infused pop tribute drawings never get old

Brain food:

I Tried It…Being White

It’s Raining All Over The Universe

When Parents Have a Favorite Child

Feminists Don’t Support Prisons

Dance Like You Matter

Single With A Disability


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