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things i love thursday: makeup edition

Happy Thursday friends!

Considering that makeup is one of my true passions (and also a big part of how I have made my living for the past 8 years) I thought it would fun to do a Things I Love Thursday dedicated…to makeup!

this bb cream is fantastic. i wear it almost every time i do my makeup since i just want to even out my skin tone without hiding my freckles (Sean LOVES my freckles). its a sheer coverage so you can easily build the coverage you want. for those on a budget i also really like maybelline dream fresh bb cream 8-1 skin perfector (phew… thats a long name!)

this primer will make your foundation stay all day and night long.

these concealers are amazing. be sure to set them immediately with some translucent powder so it will last all day with no creasing. if you struggle with creasing under your eye look into “cooking“, it may help you get your concealer looking crease-free!

this foundation is one of my favorites and what i carry in my makeup kit for clients who don’t want airbrushing. its a medium coverage foundation so be sure to apply with either a damp beauty blender OR a flat buffer brush to get a nice even look.

this brow pomade. i’m a weirdo about my brows. i don’t like leaving the house without my brows filled in and some mascara on. you know i’m feeling rough if my brows aren’t looking nice. i LOVE this products because you can lightly fill in your brows or do a more dramatic brow (i personally am not a HUGE fan of how heavily some people are now filling in their brows and the weird gradient brows that people are doing…but hey whatever floats your boat) i have gotten SO many compliments on my brows since using this pomade.

this palette. i’m pretty sure that i have posted about this palette before, its a beautiful contour kit. The powders are very velvety and the shades are applicable to a lot of skin tones (Kat von d-I would LOVE to see you do a darker palette so as to not leave anyone out!)

this contour palette. contouring is definitely having its moment, this palette is perfect for those who are just starting out or those who contour on the regular. the difference between this one and the kat von d palette is that this palette has some shimmery highlighter shades whereas the kat von d palette is ALL matte. i got one for my best friend who has just began to do contouring and she LOVES it. (you can’t beat the price tag either)

this blush is really amazing. “the natural high” is one i use quite a bit on brides for the peachy pink glow (for those who love makeup its VERY similar to NARS bestselling blush Orgasm)

these blushes. they come in both matte and shimmery shades. I’m particularly fond of angel and mocha.

this insanely beautiful highlighter called champagne pop. its a limited edition highlighter created in a collaboration between Youtube Makeup Guru Jaclyn Hill and Becca Cosmetics. they have recently created a whole champagne pop collection!!!

these MAC mineralize skin finishes are another fantastic highlighter/blush

these smash box master class palettes. the quality of the shadows, blushes, etc are all amazing. some also come with creme eyeliner and gloss. perfect for someone who wants a try a lot of new makeup at once or an artist who needs portable options.

this liner is the best of the best, clean lines and super dark. perfect for all your winged liner looks!

this liner is slightly more affordable. the l’oreal infallible the super slim eyeliner dries a little less black then the stila liner but still creates beautiful clean lines!

these liners are super creamy and come in every shade you could possibly want!

this eyeliner by the balm is perfect for lining your waterline. i dropped mine on the floor and it took A LOT of scrubbing to get off my floor…so believe this liner isn’t going ANYWHERE.

this mascara . its a little bit pricey but oh my gosh it is amazing.


this eye palette by kat von d. its all matte shadows with a wide variety of light taupes and darker browns and blacks.  pair these shadows with a nude lip or a vampy dark lip.

these morphe palettes. DUDE. last year i began to see many people raving about morphe makeup on instagram and after doing quite a bit of research i knew i needed to order one. OH MY GOSH. i cannot believe the quality of the shadows and they are each the same size as my MAC and Urban Decay shadows (a lot of cheaper makeup palettes come with TINY shadows)

best of all the palettes are each 23$!!!

i have the 35K, 35W ,35D , and 35P (this is the palette shown) and they all are fantastic. i seriously want to own ALL of them (its almost my birthday *winkwink*)

these pigments are some of my favorite pigments. Vanilla looks AMAZING in the inner corner of eyes and along the brow bone. Best part is that a little goes a LONG way so a bottle will last you a very long time

these lip stains. they are affordable and give you a nice POP of color and best of all…stay in place.

this lipstick...WOW! kat von d’s everlasting liquid lipsticks are amazing. i bought lolita and vampira and i am hooked!

these matte liquid lipsticks. i have embellishment and i LOVE it. also check out their liquid suede cream lipstick (i am a NYX fanatic!)

these lipsticks by the balm are matte and lovely (can you tell i’m on a liquid lipstick kick?) i got “committed” in my ipsy bag and was so impressed i want to try more of their products.

this urban decay revolution lipstick in 69 is one of my most favorite reds

this NYX mega shine lip gloss is fantastic. i carry quite a few in my makeup kit for weddings since a lot of brides want a nude shiny lip (the most popular ones i carry are “natural”, “smokey look”, and “beige”)

these looks….AMAZING:

mua: nikkie tutorials

mua: josey abina

mua: jamie genevieve

mua: molly bee

mua: linda halberg

mua: sarahy delarosa

mua: samantha ravndahl

mua: duyen

mua: linda halberg

mua: miaumauve

mua: makeupbytaren

mua: bows and curtseys

mua: iunasmakeup

mua: tiarni staples

mua: jess jane


*if any of these are your looks and would like credit PLEASE let me know. I want to give credit where credit is due on these incredible works of art.*

what makeup do you love?



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