things i love thursday

things i love thursday #24

Happy happy Thursday guys! Here’s all the fun stuff I am digging this week…how about you?

this pretty nook

this dress! looks like its from a previous season by self portrait. ALL of their clothes are beautiful…and completely out of my price range *womp womp*!

these tasty little guys

this beautiful piece of art

all of the moon phases <3

this gorgeous burgundy look

this lovely bedset

this pretty pink ombre hair

this gloss set…girlllllll!

this beautiful green filled room

these cuties

these tasty toast ideas 

these lovely shoes

this bathing suit

these plates

this divine looking fried poundcake with salted caramel and ice cream.

brain food:
HIV-Positive Women In Uganda Are Being Sterilized Without Their Consent

Getting Slutty at Amp Camp

Instagram and Eating Disorders

Congratulations, Your Son Has Been Killed: What Happens When You Lose Someone To ISIS

All Twisted Up by Gender Bending



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