things i love thursday

things i love thursday #20

Today is the day of eating too much and hopefully laughing too much too. Here are some lovely things for you to peruse before your turkey (or tofurkey) coma.

these beautiful wood pieces 

this deliciousness

this amazing library cake

these pet portraits

these awesome mandala rocks

this beautiful makeup

DIY wall art

This savory breakfast idea (also these ideas!)

this dreamy coat

this poem (and every mary oliver poem ever)

these awesome moon necklaces based on what the moon looked like on a particular day (perfect of birthdays, wedding days, or other special moments)

this incredibly talented lady! I have “known” Michelle through being online friends for 14 years and her makeup talents have truly grown and grown over the years. It has been amazing to see her become this talented artist with her out of this world “horror makeup” but she still does really amazing beauty makeup as well. Check her Instagram here.

this look! I have become really interested in doing makeup giveaways with Ipsy which all revolve around you posting photos of your makeup or photos that have to do with skincare or favorite scents depending on the type of company who is doing the giveaway. You then post them on instagram with hashtags having to do with the giveaways. I did this cut crease to (hopefully) win an amazing haul of Smashbox Cosmetics or 3 Crown Brush palettes (BTW this is the company I buy a lot of my brushes through and they are fantastic) It was SO fun to play around with my makeup and I can’t wait to do more!

this delightful craft magazine

this insanely amazing tattoo artist. Peep her instagram for more beautiful work.

Brain food:

Make anxiety your friend

How to be a genderqueer feminist

When you’re a refugee and your husband beats you

Social media isn’t real life

Powerful images of terminally ill patients living out their last wishes

Fat phobia is real

Learning to date when you can’t have sex



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