things i love thursday

things i love thursday # 19

Happy happy Thursday! Hang in there…Friday is just a day away.

This book series. I stumbled upon them by accident while at Barnes and Noble in September and was captivated by Patrick Rothfuss’s writing. I am picky about my fantasy books but these are AMAZING.

This avocado cilantro  lime rice.

These super cool wrapping ideas.

This highlighter. My mom and I were able to drag me out of the house to hit up Sephora the other day and she asked me about what she could use as a highlighter. Jaclyn Hill is a well known Makeup Youtube star and I knew that the highlighter she helped create with Becca Makeup has been a BIG hit. I had yet to play with it yet and  you guys it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It is a bit more expensive than I usually would pay for a highlighter but a little goes a LONG way with this, so you can definitely make it last.

Speaking of Jaclyn Hill, I LOVE this look she created. Perfect for fall.

This beautiful poem.

This gloss. While we were in NYC Mom and I stopped in a Duane Reade to see what it was like as we don’t have them in Virginia (its a very nice pharmacy owned by Walgreens). They had A LOT of beauty brands I have never gotten to see in person and I was helped by a lovely makeup artist while looking at this great HUGE lip palette that is perfect for my makeup kit. When we were checking out she ran over and gave me this gloss in Tempting Toffee for free! It is the most beautiful nude but very rich in color unlike a lot of nude glosses and thankfully NOT sticky.

I missed out on the wedge sneaker trend because of my CRPS so Im still lusting after them. Both of these Nikes wedges are adorable.

These sweet potato and apple chips are delightful. The “Heritage Blend” is also amazing because hello BEET chips!

This show. I KNOW I KNOW….it’s a show about high schoolers on ABC Family but I am completely addicted. I had never seen it before and then saw a preview for season 6 at the movie theatre a few weeks ago. I was SO intrigued that I found it on Netflix and have been marathoning it ever since. I am in love with how they treat their gay characters and all the literary and pop culture tie ins. 

This sweet instagram feed.

This awesome mail art.

This shirt. Perfect for Saturday Night…

These lovely lace nails

and these nails

and these nails.

This DIY mail holder made from old books

These custom portraits

These dog tags



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