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music monday: meditations for chronic pain

Meditation is a powerful tool that (thankfully) is getting spoken about more and more especially in terms of chronic pain. My pain dr is a huge believer and many other health professionals are too. I have implemented it into my life and I have found that while it does not make my pain “better” it does help the anxiety that I have around my pain along with finding acceptance in where I am in this moment.

A friend asked me awhile ago to send her some chronic pain meditations that I liked and I decided to share them here with you. All of these can be found on spotify. I also have links down below to other great ones I have found on various sites. If you are new to meditating, maybe start here just so you can get used to what meditating is all about.

It is hard and scary “to be with yourself” and when you are in pain, it can be even scarier. The beauty though is that there is no way to be “perfect” at meditation. Your mind WILL wander as minds like to do, that is completely NORMAL so recognize when it happens and bring your brain back to the meditation. I real like guided meditations for my pain (and meditating in general). I am by no means advanced enough to do it on my own.

If you are comfortable in doing it alone, I have also added some meditative music to listen to.

more meditations:


I hope these bring you peace friend.


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