things i love thursday

things i love thursday 18

hey hey hey! sorry it’s been a minute. lots and lots going on in the world of genevieve. have no fear, there’s many posts to be posted.

but in the meantime…here’s some stuff I love:

This sweater

These cookies!!! You guys I FINALLY had some macron cookies and oh man I am now aware of what I have been missing out on! Sean brought me home a few to try from Whole Foods  and now I wish I had some every dayyyy

These kooky boots that I once owned a pair of (not sure where they went). I wishwishwish I still had them.

This beautiful coloring book. Adult coloring books are POPULAR right now and rightfully so, its a great way to calm down and make something beautiful.

This makeup palette is perfect for fall (and winter). Urban Decay always hits it out off the ballpark and their new smokey palette looks amazing.

This beautiful picture taken on an island by the North Sea .

This dreamy mermaid hair

This neat lighting idea


These awesome shirts

This comfy bedroom

this savory recipe for green chickpea and chicken curry

This lipstick (that i have yet to try but think looks amazing). Its Stone by MAC

This cookie in a cup recipe. I made it the other night because I had a sweet craving…and it was really good.

These constellation embroideries 

These beautiful drawings by Emkel Dikia

This amazing tea. Pumpkin Chair Roobios….perfect for fall nights under a blanket with a book.

these pretty pumpkins

this has been a staple at our house since Sean and I moved in together. i rarely ever  feel well enough to cook but I (ME!) made it last night with some kale thrown in. SO GOOD and super easy to throw together.


what happens when a parent’s grief goes viral

the black family in the age of mass incarceration

a day in the nail salon

living with MS

when telling your story comes with a price



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