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things i love thursday: wedding edition

I love weddings.

I love seeing two people pledge their love for one another be it by themselves and an officiant or with a group of people that love them. I love the celebrating and the dancing. I love old friends mixing with new friends and two families coming together to create one big support system. I have been very blessed that as a makeup artist, I have gotten to make probably 100+ women feel beautiful for these important days.

Since my brother married the love of his life this saturday, I thought it would be fun to make this weeks “things i love thursday” ALL about weddings because I have weddings on the brain!

wedding dresses:

so  this was the style of dress I really thought i wanted when I first began looking for a dress and man if had this dress when i was looking…that would’ve been THE one! I’m so happy I found the one I ended up with because it is really different and fun but this dress is lovely.

this dress is so  1970s hippie wedding and i love it. it looks like something my sweet free spirited aunt jamie would’ve worn!

this dress is just FUN, perfect for dancing all night!

I just love this dress. it’s flattering for so many body types and just really delicate and sweet.

this dress would be FANTASTIC for anyone who wanted something more simple. its so sweet and understated.

I think this would be insanely beautiful for a wedding dress

this dress is sososo pretty. I love the length, the color, and those sleeves. perfect for a fall wedding!

photo credit: moondance photography

this ombre dress is gorgeous.

 this is stunning.

photo credit: Tiffany Hughes Photography

oh my gosh. everything about this look is incredible.

bridesmaid dresses:

photo credit: Love & Perry Photography

I’ll be honest i REALLY love mismatched bridesmaid dresses. I had never heard of it until my BFF Amber asked me to be in her wedding and surprised me by giving me a color palette and saying “go find a dress you like. It was refreshing to find a dress that felt “good” and was something I could wear again instead of sticking it in the back of my closet knowing I could never again wear it (fun fact: my mom ended up wear the dress I bought for amber’s wedding to MY wedding!). When I got married I knew I wanted to do the same. It looked awesome in photos and I really felt like my friends felt pretty. I also think its great because women are all shaped SO differently and one dress style is not usually flattering on everyone.

photo credit: Shipra Panosian

eeeeee! so dreamy!

photo credit: Erich McVey Photography

so pretty. I love this mixture of textures!

I had never thought of doing tops and skirts. I LOVE how some of these looks turned out (ill be frank, the third image with the black tops/candy colored skirts feels a little too can-can girls to me…but i dig the originality)

a fantastic list of affordable (and lovely) bridesmaid dresses. I love that it shows a wide variety of styles and fabrics.

for people who want some uniformity, I think these wrap dresses are awesome and still allow each woman to set her “look” and do what feels good with her body shape.

these dresses are really beautiful and are so customizable!


These were my wedding shoes. I couldn’t wear them for very long because they made my nerve pain worse but oh man they were worth it. I look at them sometimes longingly and am dying for the day I can wear them again!

So fun!

I just want these shoes. Period.

You guys these are amazing!

Lets face it…flats are a must for the reception (or your ceremony). I also think they look lovely with a lot of dresses. All of these flats are SO pretty.

Soooo awesome!

BTW you have to check out these amazing custom wedding shoes…

fun  ideas:

Photo credit: Troy Grover Photography

this girl LOVES donuts. a donut bar would be my dreammmm

photo credit: Jason Hales Photography

perfect for chilly nights! my brother and his wife had a bonfire and smores at their wedding and it was so fun.

photo credit: Milou + Olin Photography

oh man i love potatoes and this sounds amazing.

i had never heard of a “cookie table” until i went to a friend’s pittsburgh wedding. all family members help to make large batches of cookies for guests to take home.

you can say what you want about social media and hashtags but doing a personal one for your wedding is just plain SMART. you are able to see any photos your friends post even people that maybe you don’t know that well (like that plus one your friend brought) i lucked out and my friends made us up one the day of #seanevieve but i love seeing how people are officially doing this now! (this is a cute article on the first wedding hashtag)


this is a cute idea!

I handmade our wedding program fans and let me tell you, I am SO glad I did. It was 105 degrees when we got married and those fans came in handy! You can find TONS of wedding fan ideas here & here

this is amazing! picnic wedding!!!!


wedding favors:

lets face it wedding favors can get $$. sean and i went with flower seed infused paper hearts so people could plant them where they wanted and get some lovely wildflowers as a thank you for spending the day with us. it was really special to see the flowers growing a few months after we got married.

love the idea of a mixed cd

infused olive oil would be a lovely gift!

great idea (obviously since Im a succulent addict)

coffee is always a good gift

raw honey is another simple one that people will use

weddings that are amazing and unique:

when star wars and back to the future met for a wedding

harry potter wedding

wedding/dance party in the mountains

up themed wedding

a super spy wedding

rustic state park wedding

roaring 20s prison wedding

urban art gallery wedding

fairy tale wedding

what wedding ideas do you love ?


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  1. I just discovered your blog through Wheeling Along’s blog. I too am disabled (chronic pain from back injuries ) and into pretties. My first visit to your blog and, irony of ironies, it’s about weddings. You see, I’m getting married in 2 weeks! Eeek! I’m so busy and stressed that I could only look at the pretty photos and not delve into your text but I’m book marking you so I can read your blog more after the wedding. Just for fun, here’s a sneak peek at my wedding dress:

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