things i love thursday

things i love thursday # 16

Happy happy Thursday dear friends!

oh my gosh these shoes

this hair color is AMAZING. my stylist used it to color my hair blue and i didn’t need to retouch for almost 6 weeks. honestly i could have not retouched it but i wanted it to be looking extra vibrant for my brother’s wedding since some places were a little more faded.

this jacket

this delicious soup

this incredible spin bike


this amazing makeup artist. if you are looking for halloween makeup ideas…she is YOUR girl.

this poet

this stunning image of pluto posted by NASA

this amazing tv show. i watched the first season voraciously 2 winters ago and now sean has gotten interested so we are watching season one and then season two.  so good!

these great ways to make overnight oats

this book by my pain dr. he has a fantastic view on chronic pain and illness.

this rad feminist shirt that is mad max inspired

and this one!

this beautiful fall hair

this totoro dress 

now that we have a nice tub, i have been dreaming of bath bombs and bubble bars. this french kiss bubble bar by lush is one of my favorites. i also love butterball sakura, karma, and blue skies and fluffy white clouds (my college roommate worked at lush so i got spoiled using LOTS of free lush)




read these:

what its like to be homeless

the year i watched my mother die

changing the lives of women who survived domestic abuse

this woman with facial disfigurements is here to stop bullying

let anything go that does not serve you

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