things i love thursday

things i love thursday # 14

Sorry I haven’t posted much as of late, feeling crappy and run down. Its a gloomy day over here in Charlottesville. Hope everyone is having a lovely day!!

this beautiful library. i can’t remember how i found sherri dupree bemis on instagram (she’s the singer of easily). her feed is lovely and holy guacamole her house is wonderland.

her art is pretty fantastic too…

 this pumpkin ravioli

this amazing woman found a way to do her makeup even when her hands no longer work

dried strawberries are my new snack favorites (MUCH better than the cookie dough from the last things i love thursday that I couldn’t stop stuffing my face with!)

this yarn. i recently discovered it  and the colors are lovely and it is thick and cushy!

these awesome color depositing conditioners to keep your fun colored hair vibrant! anyone who has semi-permanent crazy colored hair knows that it will fade. apparently these conditioners have color in them and allow you to keep touching up your color whenever you shower. my blue hair has LASTED but it is starting to fade and i definitely like the idea of keeping it looking nice. you can also use to just try out a color without much commitment 🙂

these comfy fleece lined toms. as have mentioned i cannot wear many shoes and I’m anxious about the cold weather and not having many options since i am not sure i will be able to wear socks. these guys are perfect!

this lovely fall dress

these awesome diy fabric transfer journals

all these beautiful plants

these shoes are amazing and i promise you i will rock stuff like this when i am better! i have another pair  by the same company and they are darling.


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