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As you guys know we moved a month ago to Charlottesville, Virginia to be closer to my family and support system along with a much better medical community. We are so grateful to have found a beautiful home to live in that also allows me to have more independence because it is all one level (besides the dude cave and laundry/workshop which are both downstairs) We have both decided to have the house more simply decorated and I really love the result. I feel like our house looks like adults live in it which I have been wanting for a long time.

Here it is!

Our bedroom

We finally bought some beautiful wood furniture to replace a bedroom set that I have had for a long time and was starting to really look worn down. It is probably the most beautiful furniture we own!


The tiny lights on our bed are from Anthropologie and both photos displayed were taken by Purple Fern Photography. The canvas print was printed at Snapfish, their prints are very reasonably priced and they always do a beautiful (and quick) job.


The green vase was purchased at Goodwill and I made the burlap letters from this tutorial. Dresser and night stands are from Crate & Barrel.


This beautiful mandala was created by my friend Patience who is an amazing artist.


This was an old ice chest that Sean got at Goodwill and redid with homemade chalk paint. I love it!

The bird lamps are from World Market and the succulent globes were purchased from Amazon and then filled up with succulents and air plants by yours truly.

Our master bathroom is pretty small and simple…

but our shower curtain is amazing.

Guest bathroom



I had fun decorating the guest bathroom because it is kind of “my bathroom” as the master bathroom is kind of Seans. It is hands down the nicest bathroom I have ever had. The adorable bird shower curtain is from World Market. The “window shutter” picture frame was only 19$ at JC Penny! I decided to turn into a necklace and earring holder and love the way it all came together. I had a bunch of instagram photos printed recently and they work perfectly for being displayed with the clothespin.

DSC_0456-3The first frame was something I altered for our wedding, the print inside of it was a free printable and the two ones below it came from here. You know you like our mismatched towels.

Craft/ Meditation/ Dog Room

I am really excited to have a room that I could use for crafting and meditating. Its awesome to have all my knitting, sewing, and other crafting goodies all in one place. So the dogs get part of the room and the rest is for me!



DSC_0421Some pretty pictures and more Patience artwork! The monster piece she made me might be my favorite but the mandalas she made us are pretty spectacular too. Gotta love having creative friends.

DSC_0398This is my mother’s old desk from high school which I love having. It was really terrible looking so Sean made it look absolutely adorable.


This picture is probably one of my most prized possessions. My father knows the photographer Sally Mann (who is one of my most favorite photographers) and had told her about some of my struggles when I was a teenager. She write letters on the backs of photographs she printed but didn’t like so when I was 14 she wrote me a really lovely BIG letter on the back of this print which happens to be one of my favorite pieces of her work.

The “yarn shelf” was a really sweet gift from my sister-in-law. She bought it at Goodwill, took out the backing, added wallpaper to the sides to give it texture and then repainted it. Homemade gifts are the key to my heart guys!


More of my favorite photos (including two more Sally Mann photos) and the dog’s “houses”.

Guest room

I wanted the guest room to a nice place for people to stay. Our other guest rooms were always filled with our stuff be it my craft stuff or Sean’s comics so I really wanted it to be simple and nice.


I saw lots of people doing mismatched frames online but wasn’t into paying 100+ for the frames so I found a bunch on sale and then spray painted them. Super fun and super cheap.


The To Kill a Mockingbird picture is from Etsy.DSC_0450

I have to laugh about this chair. My mom was super sweet and found the set at a yard sale. Unfortunately the fabric looks terrible and tacky. Since we weren’t in a place to get it redone when we got it, I found some curtains that looked cute/matched the bedspread and that’s how we covered it. Kind of janky but it works. Maybe we will get it redone at some point!

All of the lovely furniture in the guestroom was stuff we inherited.

Living room

This room is so homey and has super beautiful light. Its a perfect mixture of furniture we inherited, furniture we were gifted, things we found on sale and a few new pieces.


A perfect place to lay and knit ( I have fallen asleep out here a few times while watching TV) The coffee table was an OLD ikea purchase that was looking rough so Sean redid it with chalk paint.



My beautiful succulent tea cup garden. If you haven’t noticed, I am on a BIG succulent and air plant kick.

The canine corner! I am so happy to live in a house with a fireplace. I am patiently awaiting to knit by the fire. I really love this beautiful rocking chair. My mom found it for us at an estate sale. For all your Studio Ghibli fans, you can see which movie is my favorite 😉

You have to have a little Carcosa in the living room…

Dining room

We haven’t had a dining room in years so this was exciting. We usually eat our dinners on the couch (or in bed) so its really nice to have a more formal place to eat together or with guests.


We haven’t been able to sit at a table to eat in MONTHS. It is lovely to be able to do that again.

DSC_0392This was a fun collaboration where Sean took the photo and I edited it. I love how it looks.

One of my favorite photographs by Dad has taken. He took this is in Russia, its a whale vertebrae!


Lets be real. This kitchen is amazing. I knew as soon as we saw it that this was THE house. Sean is a really amazing cook and almost all of the kitchens we have had haven’t been very nice. He now has all the counter space he wants for prepping and LOTS of cabinets for all his pots, pans, spices, and other weird accessories I have never heard of.

I cannot even begin to express the gratitude I have to live in this house. It is wheelchair friendly, it is beautiful and quaint, and somewhere I hope we can live for many years.

I cannot begin to explain how nice it is to be able to go to any room I want, to be able to do the dishes again or let our dogs out to the yard. This house has allowed me to live a MUCH fuller life.

Thank you universe for allowing us to live in this lovely town and this lovely house.

Thank you.


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  1. Oh my gosh, your house is looking lovely! This screams personality and character while still being clean and bright. What a great crafting/meditation space! Definitely finding some inspiration for our spare/guest/office.

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