things i love thursday

things i love thursday #13

HAPPY THURSDAY! Here’s what I’m digging this week.

these drawings of what mental illnesses would look like if they were monsters

oh my gosh this cake

these diy clay bowls

this headboard

this beautiful kitchen

this tip of doing the perfect winged liner (my own tip: put a credit card or business card by your eye to help you make the first line very clean)

this super easy coffee cozy pattern

sean bought us a few of these cookie dough pints and i cannot stop eating them 🙁

i love pema and i especially love those quotes from her book.

this homemade saag paneer recipe

this easy pillow pattern. i’m excited to make some pillows for our house (once I finish the million other knitting things on my list)

this workout is no joke. i have done it a few times and could barely text after because my arms were shaking. pumps and iron has A LOT of fantastic workout ideas.

read these:

michelle elman’s bikini photo inspires you to love your body

women kicked off wine tour for #forlaughingwhileblack

what is sobriety with food

3 ways to start believing you are beautiful

transitioning from jack to jackie


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