things i love thursday

things i love thursday # 12

happy thursday friends!!!!

this lentil beet burger!

the light in this bedroom is amazing

these cookiessssss

these eyeshadows are gorgeous. i have been dying to try out some of makeup geek’s shadows

this dresser is beautiful

this chest tattoo

oh this hoodie

this ivy is fantastic

i found this pin last week and decided it looked easy enough to make. 5$ and 5 min later and i had a super cute new piece of clothing!



11930882_10102397401130867_6408474757249105428_oso speaking of crafting, i did make the blanket from last week’s things i love thursday and it came out AMAZING. it took 2 hours give or take and 9 skeins of this yarn. i highly recommend making one!

this dreamy place

this hogwarts mapĀ 

this amazing paper bag floor

i love this artist and his masterful words

this cosplay costume. my blue hair kind of makes me want to dress up as coraline for halloween

this pretty funfetti cake

this happy dancing dude

these feminist tattoos

their baby was born with male and female parts, here’s why they are suing the hospital

salty girls

giving birth ruined my vagina, here’s what i did next



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